From an occasional shopper..

A very funny incident at work today reminded me of a time not very long ago when we had to deal with sales men at stores (yes that culture still exists, but you experience lesser these days)

The expectant look on the face of the salesman who follows you around as you glance around at the displays & then ‘the’ question, ‘yes Madam, what do you want?’ I can understand that he is just doing his job, but it never fails to annoy me that I am being constantly observed & followed, if not physically, then just with the glances. Why do I always have to ‘want’ something? Maybe I am just exploring with a vague Idea in my mind of what I can have. Maybe, I just dont know yet what I want!

I shop very differently. I don’t like going to multiple shops with an agenda of window shopping, nor do I like to try out 500 things before buying. My shopping is usually done in 30 mins flat. I always have something as a concept in my mind. I like to walk around & just see & feel the store before I pick what I want. That one piece usually ends up in my wardrobe.

Sadly, the sales men are just pushed with targets that they need to meet and are usually not trained enough to understand the customer. So here will be a guy who will sell me what he has rather than what I want. These are situations that I have experienced that have made me run out of the store & never to look back:

Lets say I am at a store looking at a top that I like but want a different color.

Salesman: yes madam?

Me : do you have this in yellow (as it will match the other skirt I bought last month)

Saleman: Madam, Pink is also a very nice color

Me: But I don’t want pink, It wont match

Salesman: you must try it, you will look very pretty in pink

Me (thinks): Duh-huh?

Another one at a shoe store that’s even crazier, when I like a pair but they don’t have my size (as always, because I am too large footed to be an Indian lady 😦 )

Salesman: Madam you can buy size 7, no problem, it will take shape after 2 wears.

Me: but it does not fit

Salesman: size 8 & 7 are almost the same.. This will stretch to fit, see (and a small demonstration follows)

Me (thinks): Then why do they make different sizes.

Exactly the point when I sprint to the exit..

Happy I am with the mall culture, where I am left alone to pick what I want. 🙂