Pain no more

I burnt myself today while I was cooking, saw a blister big, but didn’t feel any pain.

There is a lot already!



Every breath I take has a little bit of you in it.

How do I move on, as long as I breathe?

Family Vacation!

Me, a stranger and my son,

Plan to go for a vacation as one.

Together we’ll click beautiful pictures for the world to see,

and say what a wonderful family!


New Page

I thought he was young,

I thought he was immature,

I thought he would grow up

& then be sure.

But it never happened.

And here I am,

on the cusp of my old age.

Should I plan my retirement?

or start a new page?

Now I am middle aged,

tired & defeated,

can we not start

all over instead?


A laughter that isn’t..

I don’t cry

I don’t shout

I am quiet and always ready to laugh

But each laughter has a hidden tear

Wish you wouldn’t do this to me.