Marriages are made for Men!

Story of Urban India..

There was a generation where women were not allowed to be educated. Marriages really worked well then, because the rules were set by the men. Women were completely dependent on their man for money, so in turn they took care of all other responsibilities. There was a balance. It did not mean that work distribution was based on ability. Marriage just followed set rules & it worked. Women were accepting & the Men were a happy lot.

Then came a generation where education was provided to all, but preference of higher/better education was reserved for the men in the house. So we saw women who passed school or college but could never do more. The women of this generation realised that the rules didn’t favour them. They realised the value of financial independence. Marriages still worked, but there was an unrest. Both men & women were confused.

After this came our generation. We were raised as equals. Studied as much, worked & earned the same as the men. Now we expect roles to be defined as per capabilities and not pre-set rules. We don’t depend on men for money. We need them in our lives, but they don’t have a specific role to play. Marriage now, is more of a collaboration. Women have their source of income, friends & a neat list of ‘what I want from life & my man’. While the men are still confused!

This is the generation that has seen maximum divorces. The generation that is raising children who are questioning the system of marriage itself. In the generation to come, many would choose to remain single.

So when we look back, we see that marriages worked perfectly as long as we followed the men’s rules. And started getting shaky as soon as women began questioning them. I have seen several marriages break in the recent time. What I found common was that, while most women chose to live alone, in almost all cases, the men chose to remarry. This is just a general observation. But it also got me wondering whether Marriages are made for men?


5 thoughts on “Marriages are made for Men!

  1. This is a serious issue… I believe that marriages since time immemorial, has been used as a strategic tool often used between empires;
    Then we witness marriage to be something that yield money and often used to maintain and raise generations…

    Even today when society has changed a lot, but even today we failed to understand the real purpose behind marriage in the veil of liberalism and preferring mostly on our respective needs…

    I believe if we could move ahead and away from this need based arrangement and indulge ourselves in something that relates to appreciating each other’s importance in our lives, be it for small things… Then perhaps situation could be tackled.

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      1. Thank you so much… It feels great when my ideas on such complex issues are appreciated.. Trust me, whatever I feel from heart, I write or I speak out… I have no personal experience of being into any relationships to understand but what I have earned is the experience of losing my loved ones… especially my Maa and after her, the girl I loved the most…
        Anyways, from these experiences, I feel that we just cannot lose our loved ones come what may…
        You raised a extremely important issue and I must applaud you for that… Thank you so much for sharing this… Those who will read it might get something out of it..
        Beparvah !!

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      2. Thank you .. 🙂
        And only one formula… that rules the world, how so ever impractical it seems, is Selfless love for our loved ones 🙂 ..

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